Template:Chart bottom

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使用{{Chart top}}{{Chart bottom}}包裹家谱图。


{{Chart top}}
{{Chart top|标题}}
{{Chart top|background=yellow}}
to add a named color to the title.
Use "nowiki" tags around hexcolors: background=<nowiki>#ccddff</nowiki>
{{Chart top|width=100%}}
to change the width of the table
{{Chart top|clear=right}} or {{Chart top|clear=left}}
to push the table below any prior right or left floating elements
{{Chart top|clear=both}}
to push the table below any prior left or right floating elements
note: width=100% typically will (in most cases) force the table to use the full page width, and push the table below floating elements)


This template will show a collapsed (fully-closed) version of the enclosed Chart when first seen on the page, with a "(show)" option for the reader. To show the reader on first sight an uncollapsed Chart, with a title bar with a "(hide)" option, add |collapsed=no.

Size warning

Remember "Avoid using smaller font sizes in elements that already use a smaller font size, such as infoboxes, navboxes and reference sections.", per MOS:ACCESS#Font size and MOS:SMALLFONT. Use of the {{Small}} template within a chart that uses this template produces a font size 75% of the page default, well below the 85% minimum specified in the linked guidelines.

Per Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/Archive 159#Infobox font size, common text within an infobox is 88% of page default. Therefore use of this template in an infobox yields 74.8% of page default (0.88 * 0.85).