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Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding the text upload, I would like to explain that the article I uploaded is originally from Wikipedia USA. I translated it personally into Chinese version. Bvhk hongkong (留言) 2010年4月13日 (二) 02:33 (UTC)

Content Update[编辑]

@淺藍雪:, on behalf of Bottega Veneta, I noticed the 2 banners added to the page. To address these concerns, I have a proposed sandbox. It's a direct translation from the English page. This has been checked for a neutral point of view and adequate references by multiple people in the English language. Because of the language barrier would you consider adding this content to the page? SandBoxChefmikesf留言) 2018年3月5日 (一) 19:42 (UTC)

我代表Bottega Veneta,注意到在頁面上添加了2個橫幅。為了解決這些問題,我有一個建議的沙箱。這是英文頁面的直接翻譯。這已經被檢查以獲得中立的觀點並且被多個人用英語充分引用。由於語言障礙,你會考慮將此內容添加到頁面中嗎?SandBox Chefmikesf留言) 2018年3月5日 (一) 19:42 (UTC)