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This page holds the custom importance mask for the Template:马来西亚专题. It uses {{importance mask}}, a template for constructing importance masks according to individual WikiProjects' wishes. The following table shows the output of the mask, with the current parameter definitions, for different inputs and namespaces.

Classification based on importance parameter

(not case-specific)
Importance / priority Category Population
极高  极高  Category:极高重要度马来西亚条目 94
   Category:高重要度马来西亚条目 293
   Category:中重要度马来西亚条目 1,140
   Category:低重要度马来西亚条目 590
极低  极低  Category:极低重要度马来西亚条目 168
   Category:无重要度马来西亚条目 0
不适用  不适用  Category:不适用重要度马来西亚条目 714

Classification based on namespace

In addition, if importance is empty, undefined or unrecognized and the namespace is a non-article talk space, then the importance will default to NA.

In all other circumstances, the importance of articles will be marked as Unknown and placed in Category:未知重要度马来西亚条目.