ASIN {{{1}}}{{{title}}} ({{{date}}})

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| asin_id_from_Amazon
| country=
| title=
| date=

The usage structure above is written for easy reading. You must not have linebreaks or spaces between the parameters.

If the ASIN begins with a number, it is a standard ISBN; please use "ISBN xxxxxxxxxx" instead of ASIN xxxxxxxxxx, as this will allow us to link to other sites as well as Amazon.


  • {{ASIN|B00086U61Y}}
ASIN B00086U61Y
(note it uses amazon.com by default)
  • Add country=uk/de/fr/cn/etc., in order to use their local Amazon sites (the template adds .co or .com before the country code as needed, so only the country code itself needs to be specified):
    • {{ASIN|B000F8S4A0|country=uk}}
    ASIN B000F8S4A0
    (note this time it uses amazon.co.uk)
    • {{ASIN|B00M262M1A|country=fr}}
    ASIN B00M262M1A
    (note this time it uses amazon.fr)
  • And here's an item with a supplied title:
{{ASIN|B00086U61Y|title=Item's Title}}
ASIN B00086U61YItem's Title
  • Here's an item with a supplied date:
ASIN B00086U61Y (2000-12-24)
  • Here's an item with a supplied title and date:
{{ASIN| B00086U61Y|title=Item's Title|date=2000-12-24}}
ASIN B00086U61YItem's Title (2000-12-24)
  • Here's an item from the UK with a supplied title and date:
{{ASIN|B00086U61Y|country=uk|title=Item's Title|date=2000-12-24}}
ASIN B00086U61YItem's Title (2000-12-24)