Template:Auto short description

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Template:Auto short description should be placed on doc pages of templates which automatically generate short description for pages transcluding them.

Pages tagged with this template are categorized in Category:Templates that generate short descriptions.

For meta-templates that are used to create a family of templates, add a |category= value to define an alternative category.

For example: {{Auto short description|category=chemical elements}} will categorize the templates in Category:Templates that generate short descriptions for chemical elements.


{{Auto short description}}

{{Auto short description|sometimes=yes}} – for templates that only generate short descriptions under particular conditions

{{Auto short description|conditions=when it is used in Wikipedia space}} – when an explanation is desired for the conditions under which a short description is generated, e.g. when the short description template is wrapped with {{Namespace detect}}

{{Auto short description|category=specific type}} – for meta-templates that generate short descriptions for a family of templates