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This is an embedded medical navbox, which will appear within other navboxes. It aims to link to relevant templates in the given subject area.

Some notes

  1. This navbox links to relevant templates. That's why it's called an "index". It doesn't link to articles, so please don't include them.
  2. These are geared towards lay readers, not readers who are technically proficient. Do not replace easy to understand lay variants (eg. "smell") with difficult variants lay readers will not understand (eg. "olfaction")
  3. "Neoplasms and cancer" has been chosen to reflect the fact that not all tumours are benign. The word "cancer" has been included so lay readers will know where the template points.
  4. Many of the navboxes use standard terminology, so please consider that when making a change.


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Usage in navbox code[编辑]

To be used in a parent navbox, in |below=:


| belowstyle = background:transparent; padding:0;
| below = {{Bone and cartilage navs}}

Medicine navs can be stacked:

| belowstyle = background:transparent; padding:0;
| below = {{Bone and cartilage navs}}{{Joint navs}}{{Protein defects by function navs}}


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