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 Dictionary of National Biography. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1885–1900. 

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Common fields

{{cite DNB|wstitle=|last=|first=|authorlink=|volume=}}

All fields

{{cite DNB|wstitle=|title=|url=|last=|first=|authorlink=|volume=|pages=|quote=|accessdate=|vb=|supplement=|no-icon=}}


  • wstitle or title. Required.
    • wstitle: DNB article name on Wikisource or
    • title: DNB article name (can be coupled with url= see below)
  • url: http://... link to web location. Only works when title is set; unset by wstitle.
  • last: Surname of author. Don't wikilink (use authorlink instead).
    • first: Firstname(s) of author. Don't wikilink (use authorlink instead).
    • authorlink: Title of Wikipedia article about author. Article should already exist. Must not be wikilinked itself. Do not use this on its own, but along with "first" and "last".
  • volume: Volume in which the entry appears. Used to generate the year and editor information.
  • accessdate: Full date when item was accessed. Should be in the same format as the rest of the article.
  • pages or page: These parameters are for listing the pages relevant to the citation, not the total number of pages in the book. "|pages= 5–7" produces "pp. 5–7", while "|page= 5" produces "p. 5". The "pp." notation indicating multiple pages, and "p." notation indicating a single page, are placed automatically when you choose between the plural (pages) or singular (page) form of the parameter. Page ranges should be separated by an unspaced en dash (–).
  • quote: Relevant quote from the article.
  • vb=1: Display advisory that DNB text is copied verbatim into a Wikipedia article
  • supplement=1: The article comes from the 1901 supplement.
  • no-icon=1: Remove the lead icon.