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来源搜索: "Find sources" —Google:网页新闻书籍学术图片;百度:網頁新聞圖片知网工具书

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This template produces a series of links to various Google resources to help find additional reference material for articles. It should not be used in articles themselves - refer to Wikipedia:EL#Links normally to be avoided.

The first parameter is main search term, which will be treated as a literal string if multi-part (e.g. Albert Einstein will be searched as the single string "Albert Einstein" not "Albert" and "Einstein" separately).

Optional subsequent parameters (up to 4) are additional search terms. Then can be enclosed in double quotation marks, preceded by an unspaced - (hyphen) to exclude them from the search results, or both (e.g. -"Marilyn Monroe" to exclude matches containing the phrase "Marilyn Monroe", but not either name by itself, from the search results). You do not need to add -wikipedia, as the template automatically does this for you. Also, there is no need to add words in plural form unless irregular, as Google will match (for example) billiards as well given a search term of billiard.

If no parameters are given, the name of the article is passed as the search string. Note that this may or may not be desirable with disambiguated article names (if the Wikipedia disambiguator is sensible, however, it may actually help refine the search results).

If |free=yes is added, Google News will only return free (as in beer) search results; please note that this can exclude many valuable sources simply because they have a small (or sometimes not so small) price tag; this parameter is best used when linking to source material in discussions, rather than when using the template near the top of an article's talk page as a source-finding resource.

源碼 顯示
例一 中文 {{Find sources|倉頡}} 来源搜索: "倉頡" —Google:网页新闻书籍学术图片;百度:網頁新聞圖片知网工具书
中文(簡化字) {{Find sources|仓颉}} 来源搜索: "仓颉" —Google:网页新闻书籍学术图片;百度:網頁新聞圖片知网工具书
例二 中文 {{Find sources|倉頡|造字|-"輸入法"|傳說|site:cn}} 来源搜索: "倉頡" 造字 -"輸入法" 傳說 site:cn —Google:网页新闻书籍学术图片;百度:網頁新聞圖片知网工具书
中文(簡化字) {{Find sources|仓颉|造字|-"输入法"|传说|site:cn}} 来源搜索: "仓颉" 造字 -"输入法" 传说 site:cn —Google:网页新闻书籍学术图片;百度:網頁新聞圖片知网工具书