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根據WP:MOSNUM的格式顯示總噸位英语gross tonnage。使用時機:

  • 規範總噸位的縮寫(包括GT、Gt、gt、G.T.、g.t,以此類推)
  • standardizes the link to the definition,
  • links to gross tonnage英语gross tonnage on the first use in an article,
  • uses the abbreviation GT, e.g. "123 GT英语gross tonnage" on subsequent uses in the article,
  • inserts   where needed

注意! 總噸位是由數學計算得出的無因次指標,但模板為向後兼容而允許使用「噸」作為其單位。這種表述方式並非正確,不應在條目中採用。


number: numerical value of the gross tonnage;
disp: controls how the template will render in the page:
|disp= when empty or omitted, displays the abbreviated form:
{{GT|36,000|disp=}} → 36,000 GT英语gross tonnage
|disp=long creates a verbose description suitable for the first occurrence on a page
{{GT|36,000|disp=long}} → 36,000 總噸位英语gross tonnage(GT)
|disp=adj creates the adjectival form:
{{GT|36,000|disp=adj}} → 36,000 -總噸位英语gross tonnage(GT)
link: controls when the template output is linked to the gross tonnage英语gross tonnage article
|link= when empty or omitted, links to the gross tonnage article; this is the default;
{{GT|36,000|disp=long|link=}} → 36,000 總噸位英语gross tonnage(GT)
|link=off instances of the rendered template are not linked to the gross tonnage article:
{{GT|36,000|disp=long|link=off}} → 36,000 總噸位(GT)


輸入 顯示效果
{{GT|36000|disp=long}} 36,000 總噸位英语gross tonnage(GT)
{{GT|36000|disp=long|link=off}} 36,000 總噸位(GT)
{{GT|36000|disp=adj}} 36,000 -總噸位英语gross tonnage(GT)
{{GT|36000|disp=adj|link=off}} 36,000 總噸位(GT)
{{GT|36000|disp=}} 36,000 GT英语gross tonnage
{{GT|36000}} 36,000 GT英语gross tonnage
{{GT|36000|link=off}} 36,000 GT


模板 测量数据 栗子 单位类型 用法
{{Displacement}} for displacement (ships) 36,000 公噸排水量
36,000 長噸排水量
weight modern
{{DWT}} for deadweight tonnage 36,000 長噸載重噸位 (DWT) weight modern
{{GT}} for gross tonnage英语gross tonnage 36,000 總噸位英语gross tonnage(GT) volume modern
{{NetT}} for net tonnage英语net tonnage 36,000 淨噸位英语net tonnage(NT) dimensionless index modern
{{TEU}} for twenty-foot equivalent units 36,000 廿呎標準貨櫃(TEU) capacity modern
{{NRT}} for net register tonnage英语net register tonnage 36,000 淨容積總噸英语net register tons(NRT) volume outdated
{{GRT}} for gross register tonnage 36,000 容積總噸(GRT) volume outdated