Template:Galaxybox astrometry

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Galaxybox astrometry
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This is part of a group of templates that are used to display astronomical information related to a specific star. It should always be preceded by a {{Galaxybox begin}} template. The template can then be used as follows:

 {{Galaxybox astrometry
 | h_radial_v = <!--Heliocentric Radial velocity (in km/s)-->
 | hrv_err = <!--Heliocentric Radial velocity Error(in km/s)-->
 | z = <!--Redshift-->
 | z_err = <!--Redshift Error-->
 | gal_v = <!--Galactocentric Velocity (in km/s)-->
 | gv_err = <!--Galactocentric Velocity Error(in km/s)-->
 | g_dist = <!--Distance (in Mega light years)-->
 | dist_err = <!--Error in Distance (in light years)-->
 | dist_ref = <!--Reference for Distance (Use ref></ref and/or any citation templates Templates)-->

Any of these parameters may be omitted. If all parameters that would be displayed on a given line are omitted, the line will be omitted from the infobox, except that, if dist_ly and dist_pc are omitted, but parallax is present, then the object's distance will be computed from parallax and, if present, p_error. For this calculation to work, footnotes and references for the parallax and its error should be placed in parallax_footnote rather than parallax or p_error. This template can also be preceded or followed by other Galaxybox templates:

The list should then be closed with a {{Galaxybox end}} template.