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Provides standard article footnotes for documenting the source of the inflated prices calculated by {{Inflation}}.



When the country parameter is provided, a footnote about that specific data set is generated. The country codes are the same used by {{Inflation}}:

When no country parameter is provided, or when an invalid country is provided, the generated footnote is a generic one:

This is the reference list generated by the above examples:

  1. ^ 德國通脹數據可於Deutsches Statistisches Bundesamt查看
  2. ^ 英國通脹數據可於Measuring Worth: UK CPI查看
  3. ^ Consumer Price Index (Estimate) 1800-. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. [2014-02-27]. 

Notice that the anchor names produced are based on the country parameter, or its lack thereof. As a result, the same {{Inflation-fn|country}} code can be used many times in the same article while generating only one actual footnote per country code.

See the related section at {{Inflation}} for additional instructions and examples.

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