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本模板不可单独使用,它必须跟随{{Infobox Aircraft Begin}}使用

本模版提供了飞机的通用数据和类型(及子类型),但是"没有"技术规格。模版以模块化的形式设计,使其可以与其他信息框,尤其像是{{Infobox aircraft career}}之类的信息框共同使用。

{{Infobox Aircraft Begin}}和本模版(以及{{Infobox aircraft career}}等)必须包含在{||}之内以形成维基表格的格式(参见:Help:表格)。


For an article on an aircraft type, use:

{|{{Infobox Aircraft Begin
 |parameters go here
}}{{Infobox aircraft type
 |parameters go here

For a case where the only example built of a particular aircraft type also had an individually noteworthy career (eg, The Spirit of St. Louis, use:

{|{{Infobox Aircraft Begin
 |parameters go here
}}{{Inbobox Aircraft Type
 |parameters go here
}}{{Inbobox Aircraft Career
 |parameters go here


The aircraft's role, eg: airliner, military trainer aircraft, Agricultutal aircraft
national origin
The country where the aircraft was first manufactured. Use the main nation (ie. UK), not constituent country (England); don't use "EU". List collaborative programs of only 2 or 3 nations; for more than 3, use "Multi-national
The firm which manufactured the aircraft.
The person or persons who designed the aircraft. Only appropriate for single designers, not project leaders
first flight
The date that the aircraft first flew. If this hasn't happened, skip this field - don't speculate.
Date the aircraft entered or will enter military or revenue service
Date the aircraft left military or revenue service. If vague or more than a few dates, skip this
Status of the programme, e.g. "Prototypes only", "Abandoned project". In most cases, redundant; use sparingly
primary user
list only one user; for military aircraft, this is a nation or a service arm. Please DON'T add those tiny flags, as they limit horizontal space.
more users
Limited to three in total; separate using
Years in production (eg. 1970-1999) if still in active use but no longer built
number built
Number of flight capable aircraft completed.
program cost
Total program cost
unit cost
Incremental or flyaway cost for military or retail price for commercial aircraft
developed from
The aircraft which formed the basis for this aircraft
variants with their own articles
Variants OF this aircraft


目前可用的Infobox Aircraft模板的其它模塊是:

{{Infobox aircraft begin}}
{{Infobox aircraft type}}
General data fields relevant to an aircraft type (or subtype), such as role, manufacturer, number produced, date of first flight (but not technical specifications)
{{Infobox aircraft career}}
Data fields relevant to an individually significant airframe, such as construction number, registration number, military serial, current preservation status.
{{Infobox aircraft engine}}
General data fields relevant to an aircraft engine, such as type, manufacturer, major applications (but not technical specifications)
{{Seriesbox aircraft categories}}
Non-parameterised seriesbox for broad categories of aircraft, such as airship, helicopter, glider.