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This template is not intended to be used alone, but only in conjunction with {{Infobox church}}. It changes the font colour in the headings in that template to white for certain denominations of the church specified in the template, according to the following scheme:

Religious Affiliation Colour
[[聖公宗]], [[英格蘭教會]], [[威爾斯教會]], [[美國聖公會]], [[蘇格蘭聖公會]] #BC50A5
[[靈恩運動]] #FF0000
[[信義宗]] #228B22
[[循道宗]], [[英國循道會]], [[Primitive Methodism|Primitive Methodist]], [[Wesleyan Church|Wesleyan Methodist]] #CC6666
Everything else defaults to #CCCC99

For the full list of heading background colours, see {{Infobox church/denomination}}.

Before changing the font colour in this template, please discuss the matter with other editors at "Template talk:Infobox church". Thanks.