Template:Infobox industrial process

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Infobox industrial process
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類型 类型
工業部門 工业部门
技術 技术
原料 原料
產品 产品
公司 公司
裝置 装置
發明者 发明者
發明年份 年份
開發者 开发者
{{Infobox industrial process
| name           = 
| image          = 
| caption        = 
| type           = 
| sector         = 
| technologies   = 
| feedstock      = 
| product        = 
| companies      = 
| facility       = 
| inventor       = 
| year           = 
| developer      = 


All fields used by this template are optional. The following fields are available:

Field Name Description Values
name name of the industrial process (if none is provided, article name will be used) plain text
image generic image of the process filename of a photo (Image: marker is not needed)
caption caption for the process image wikitext (can contain links)
type type of the process: "chemical", "physical" wikitext
sector sector of the industry wikitext
technologies main technologies or sub-processes in use wikitext
feedstock feedstock (raw material) for the process wikitext
product produced products by the process wikitext
companies Leading companies using this industrial process wikitext
facility main production facilities where the process is used wikitext
inventor inventor of the process (if known) wikitext
year year of invention wikitext
developer company which owns patent or develops this process wikitext