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Links text, word by word to Wiktionary, or any other interwikis or interlangs.

The default target is Wiktionary. To change it, set the parameter pref to some other value. For example, "c" for commons, or "th" for Thai Wikipedia.

Use the arguments n1, n2, n3, etc. to specify items that should not be linked. Regular spaces will be removed from the beginning and end of these; if you must have spaces, use   instead.

If you want to have a delimiter, such as ", ", appear between links, specify the delimiter with lim.

If desired, you can specify the language code with lang (rationale explained here). This is not required if Template:Linktext is used inside a template that specifies the language, such as Template:Zh.


Do not use it for one word, so don't write {{linktext|sea urchin}}, but [[wikt:sea urchin|sea urchin]]. The latter is more understandable to other contributors.


{{Linktext|This| is| a| test}}
This is a test
{{Linktext|This| is|n2= not| a| test}}
This is not a test

Also can be used to wikt-link individual Chinese characters:


Examples of result of specifying "lang" (differences in characters explained here and here):


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