Template:List of subst helper templates



subst 輔助模板列表
  • {{require subst}}: 呼出錯誤值,直到被取代為止。
    • {{subst check top}}, {{subst check bottom}}: Same purpose, but used as a pair.
    • {{subst only}}: For the doc of the above templates; prints a message asking for it be substituted.
    • {{nosubst}}: The reverse of {{subst only}}. For the doc of templates which should not be substituted; prints a message asking for it not to be substituted.
    • {{substitution}}: Allows free-fill description of whether the template should be substituted and under what conditions.
  • {{issubst}}: 若被取代時,呼出「yes」值。
  • {{ifsubst}}: 根據程式碼被「取代」與否決定呼出值。