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A shorthanded CSS code for horizontally mirroring elements inside style attribute. Use it inside the style="" attribute of HTML elements like other CSS properties.

  • Named Parameter display= allows to change the CSS display property. It defaults to display: inline-block;

When using this template to create the mirrored effect, editors should consider carefully about the accessibility.

說明 This template does not support IE8 or older browsers. IE8 requires cumbersome calculating of matrices. You may implement it into this template if you know how to translate the formula into Lua.


The mirroring happens at the center of the whole object and its effective dimensions will retain the original values of the object as if unmirrored, so you may adjust the position and padding to avoid unwanted overlapping. Use the display= parameter to further control positioning.

Syntax Result
*Some mirrored characters:<br /><span style="{{mirrorH}}">A</span> B <span style="{{mirrorH}}">C</span> D

*Works with numbers, too:<br /><span style="{{mirrorH}}">0</span> 1 <span style="{{mirrorH}}">2</span> 3 <span style="{{mirrorH}}">4</span> 5 <span style="{{mirrorH}}">6</span> 7 <span style="{{mirrorH}}">8</span> 9

*Or with arbitrary text:<br /><span style="{{mirrorH}}">This text<br />is horizontally<br />mirrored.</span><br /> <br />This text is not.

  • Some mirrored characters:
    A B C D
  • Works with numbers, too:
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • Or with arbitrary text:
    This text
    is horizontally

    This text is not.
This is a placeholder image:

<div style="position:relative; right:350px; {{mirrorH|display=block}}">[[file:placeholder.png|200px]]</div>

It is mirrored.

This is a placeholder image:

It is mirrored.

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