Template:Other places

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{{Other places}}的结果

{{Other places|PAGE1}}的结果

{{Other places|PAGE1|PAGE2}}的结果



何时使用:当一个页面的标题模糊时使用本模板加入消歧义页面,以让读者找到正确的条目。As suggested here, and illustrated in the example above, please link to a redirect that includes the word "(disambiguation)" in the title, if one exists.

何时不要用:不要在没有命名问题的条目下使用这个模板。比如,如果读者试图搜索“维吉尼亚州的巴黎英语Paris, Virginia”,那么很明显他不是在指法国的那个巴黎或是其他什么地方的巴黎,so it would not be appropriate to add {{other places|Paris}} to the top of the Paris, Virginia article. Also, do not use this template to link to an article that is not a disambiguation page; instead, one of the other hatnote templates listed below may be more appropriate for that purpose.