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{{sqrt|2}} gives 2.

This template is an alternative to using the LaTeX \sqrt rendered in-line, and will make the square root appear as text with the √ symbol and then the number (entered as the first parameter in this template) with an overline. Do not use this inside <math> tags.

  • 當然也可以選用<math></math>輸出:
    {{Sqrt|2|3|use math=yes}} gives .
  • 若要放置於<math></math>中請同時指定use mathin math為真,並且以{{#tag:math|}}來書寫math標籤:
    {{#tag:math| 2 + {{Sqrt|2|3|use math=yes|in math=yes}} }} gives
  • 若未啟用use math則無法正常顯示多次方根:
    {{Sqrt|2|3}} gives 2

See also[编辑]

  • {{Radic}}:可用於表示多次方根
  • {{Root}}:附加求值功能