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This template forces the auto-generated Table of Contents for an article to appear in a table that is floated to the left side of the page, in order to improve article layout.




<-- look to the left

Note that this template should not be used when the result is to place the TOC in a visually poor location. A TOC that crosses a section division is probably a poor idea, if that can be avoided.

Unless the section in which the {{tl:TOCleft}} is places is long enough, the result may well be undesireable. Note particualrly that if the TOC is floated left of a bulletted list, the bullets will be hidden.

An MOS entry on when to use this template, and the parallel template {{tl:TOCright}} would probably be a good idea. A discussion is now (as of 7 July 2005) in progress at en:Wikipedia_talk:Manual_of_Style#Template:TOCright.

In general, it is probably better to insert {{tl:TOCleft}} after the lead section, or at least the first paragraph.


由于Vector 2022皮肤将目录放置在侧边栏或下拉菜单内,故此模板在该皮肤下无法控制目录的显示位置。


  • Created 5 July 2005 by en:User:DESiegel
  • Documented 5 July 2005 by en:User:DESiegel
  • Created in response to the discussion of TOCright on TfD and elsewhere.
  • Changed style statement to match what would be seen for a floating image, which uses the "thumb tleft" classes. 7 July 2005 by Mike