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This is an astronomical template that adds a link to an astronomical object at WikiSky. The template finds out what to link from the page's name. The template does not work for 'moving' objects in the Solar System such as planets, comets, asteroids, etc.

  • July 19, 2008: Now links WikiSky's object data/image page. For some objects this doesn't work well, e.g., the Messier galaxies need the NGC numbers as a parameter. This is a bug in WikiSky that has been reported and is being fixed.

這是一個天文模板,為WikiSky上的天文對象添加了鏈接。 該模板從頁面名稱中找出要鏈接的內容。 該模板不適用於“移動”太陽系中的物體,例如行星,彗星,小行星等。

  • 2008年7月19日:現在鏈接WikiSky的對像數據/圖像頁面。 對於某些對象,這無法很好地發揮作用,例如,梅西耶星系需要NGC號作為參數。 這是WikiSky中的一個錯誤,已報告並已修復。


  • 1: Object's name on WikiSky, if it doesn't work automatically (or coordinates in format "<R.A. in hours>,<Dec. in degrees>", see e.g. SN 1006.)
  • z: Zoom level (1-18); if unspecified, the template uses WikiSky's zoom. If this isn't satisfactory, for bright stars z should be 5; for an average deep sky object, 9-10; for SN 1987A's remnant, 14 is more suitable.
  • name: Name to display in the link; if unspecified, defaults to the name of the page.