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出生 {{{birth_date}}}
家鄉 {{{home_town}}}
居住地 {{{residence}}}
逝世 {{{death_date}}}
敬礼於 {{{venerated_in}}}
宣福 {{{beatified_date}}}
封圣 {{{canonized_date}}}
主要朝聖地 {{{major_shrine}}}
瞻礼 {{{feast_day}}}
象徵英语Saint symbolism {{{attributes}}}
主保 {{{patronage}}}
爭議 {{{issues}}}
受影響於 {{{influences}}}
影響於 {{{influenced}}}
著作 {{{major_works}}}

To use this template, copy the wikitext below and paste it in the "Veneration" section of the article. If the article is not divided into sections, it should be placed on top. Then, fill out the data fields. You can omit any unused fields.



{{Infobox saint
| name = 
| image = 
| imagesize = 
| alt = 
| caption = 
| titles = 
| birth_name =
| birth_date = 
| birth_place = 
| home_town = 
| residence = 
| death_date = 
| death_place = 
| venerated_in = 
| beatified_date = 
| beatified_place = 
| beatified_by = 
| canonized_date = 
| canonized_place = 
| canonized_by = 
| major_shrine = 
| feast_day = 
| attributes = 
| patronage = 
| issues = 
| suppressed_date = 
| suppressed_by = 
| influences = 
| influenced = 
| tradition = 
| major_works = 



name The name under which the saint is venerated or best known. This should usually be the same as the article name.
feast_day Saint's principal feast day. (Roman Catholic and Orthodox calendars often have different dates for the same saint. If a saint is venerated by both, it would be good to indicated both days and which is which, e.g., for St. John the Apostle: Dec. 27 (Roman Catholic), May 8 (Orthodox).)


venerated_in Denomination(s) where this saint is recognized.
image An icon, statue, etc. Use the name of the image file only. Do not include "File:"
imagesize Width of the image. Use appropriate units, e.g. 150px for 150 pixels. If this parameter is omitted, 250px will be used.
caption Caption for image, if necessary.
birth_date Date of birth. Can be approximate.
birth_place Place of birth
death_date Date of death. Can be approximate.
death_place Place of death
titles Title under which saint is venerated. See the Style Guidelines for a definition of titles.
beatified_date Date of beatification, if applicable.
beatified_place Place where beatification was announced, if applicable.
beatified_by Authority for beatification. In Catholicism, this will be the Pope of the time.
canonized_date Date of canonization, if applicable.
canonized_place Place where canonization/glorification was solemnly performed.
canonized_by Authority for canonization. In Catholicism this will be the Pope of the time; in Orthodoxy is usually a synod.
attributes Standard iconographic elements. Usually pontifical, episcopal, etc. insignia, tools of martyrdom and so forth.
patronage People, places, diseases...
major_shrine Usually the site of the saint's relics or principal icon
suppressed_date If the Roman Catholic Church has suppressed the cult of this saint, give the date here.
suppressed_by The Pope under whose authority this saint was removed from official veneration.
issues Controversial issues surrounding this saint.


本模板使用了hCard 微格式標記,被標記的人物資料可以被電腦分析讀取,以便将其自動归類,或者透過專門的瀏覽器取得資料訊息,例如將訊息加入通訊錄。關於在維基百科使用微格式的詳細訊息,請參見微格式維基專題

出生日期(bday)參數只能使用於包含了 {{bd}} 或 {{Birth date and age}} 模板的信息框。

  • adr
  • bday
  • county-name
  • fn(必須)
  • honorific-prefix
  • honorific-suffix
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
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