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要在条目顶端加入57°18′22″N 4°27′32″W / 57.30611°N 4.45889°W / 57.30611; -4.45889,可以这样使用 {{Coord}}:


"display=title" 表示将坐标显示在条目标题旁。

要在条目顶端加入 44°06′43″N 87°54′47″W / 44.112°N 87.913°W / 44.112; -87.913,可以使用以下两者之一:



  • dim: dim:N(可视半径,公尺)
  • region: region:R(区域号,使用ISO 3166-1二位字码或ISO 3166-2
  • type: type:T (类型,如landmarkcity(30,000)


  • display
    |display=title 只在标题旁显示
    |display=inline,title 两处都显示
  • name
    name=X 可以制定地图上坐标点的名称(默认为PAGENAME



|display=title|display=inline,title 用于条目所表述的对象,只应在条目中出现一次。


首先要获取坐标英语Wikipedia:Obtaining geographic coordinates。请避免使用过高的精度英语Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates#Precision guidelines

{{Coord}} 模板template offers users a choice of display format through user styles, emits a Geo, and is recognised (in the title position) by the "nearby" feature of Wikipedia's mobile apps and by external service providers such as Google Maps and Google Earth, and Yahoo. Infoboxes automatically emit {{Coord}}.

The following formats are available.

  • For degrees only (including decimal values): {{coord|dd|N/S|dd|E/W}}
  • For degrees/minutes: {{coord|dd|mm|N/S|dd|mm|E/W}}
  • For degrees/minutes/seconds: {{coord|dd|mm|ss|N/S|dd|mm|ss|E/W}}


  • dd, mm, ss are the degrees, minutes and seconds, respectively;
  • N/S is either N for northern or S for southern 纬度s;
  • E/W is either E for eastern or W for western 经度s;
  • negative values may be used in lieu of S and W to denote Southern and Western Hemispheres英语Hemisphere of the Earth

For example:

For the city of 奥斯陆, located at 59° 55′ N, 10° 44′ E:

{{coord|59|55|N|10|44|E}} – which becomes 59°55′N 10°44′E / 59.917°N 10.733°E / 59.917; 10.733

For a country, like 波札那, less precision is appropriate:

{{coord|22|S|24|E}} – which becomes 22°S 24°E / 22°S 24°E / -22; 24

Higher levels of precision are obtained by using seconds:

{{coord|33|56|24|N|118|24|00|W}} – which becomes 33°56′24″N 118°24′00″W / 33.94000°N 118.40000°W / 33.94000; -118.40000

Coordinates can be entered as decimal values

{{coord|33.94|S|118.40|W}} – which becomes 33°56′S 118°24′W / 33.94°S 118.40°W / -33.94; -118.40

Increasing or decreasing the number of decimal places controls the precision. Trailing zeros should be used as needed to ensure that both values have the same level of precision.

倫敦希斯路機場, 阿姆斯特丹, 揚馬延 and 貝克山 are examples of articles that contain geographical coordinates.

Generally, the larger the object being mapped, the less precise the coordinates should be. For example, if just giving the location of a city, precision greater than 100 meters is not needed unless specifying a particular point in the city, for example the central administrative building. Specific buildings or other objects of similar size would justify precisions down to 10 meters or even one meter in some cases (1′′ ~15 m to 30 m, 0.0001° ~5.6 m to 10 m).

The final field, following the E/W, is available for attributes such as type:, region:, or scale: crossref|(the codes are documented at Template:Coord/doc#Coordinate parameters).

When adding coordinates, please remove the {{coord missing}} tag from the article, if present.

Crossref|For more information, see the geographical coordinates WikiProject英语Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates.

Templates other than {{coord}} should use the following variable names for coordinates: lat_d, lat_m, lat_s, lat_NS, long_d, long_m, long_s, long_EW.