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您開發的機械人很給力,在我來說尤其是task 15,真的是太強大。— AT 2018年12月15日 (六) 07:28 (UTC)

Page moves[编辑]

I think those should be moved automatically. 1997kB留言) 2018年12月15日 (六) 14:10 (UTC)

User:1997kBThese moves triggered the abusefilter. I have fixed it. This should not happen again. --Xiplus#Talk 2018年12月15日 (六) 14:14 (UTC)
Ah! Thanks. 1997kB留言) 2018年12月15日 (六) 14:15 (UTC)
Also leaving a redirect is preferred since without it all previous the signature will break. 1997kB留言) 2018年12月15日 (六) 17:20 (UTC)
User:1997kBOkey. I have created redirect for those pages with backlinks. --Xiplus#Talk 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:04 (UTC)
Thanks, don't create for this one since it's an usurpation req. 1997kB留言) 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:10 (UTC)
User:1997kBI think only leaving a redirect for main user page and talk page. Because some people will ask to delete these redirects. Subpages in user namespace usually have no backlinks. User can create redirects for those pages that are really needed.--Xiplus#Talk 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:38 (UTC)
Yes that would be nice. and I don't understand why I am triggering edit filter, it never happened before. Can you set it to ignore global renamers? 1997kB留言) 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:41 (UTC)
User:1997kBYou were triggered another filter that prevent move large numbers of pages in a short time. I have set this filter not to be triggered by moves with renameuser by checking the summary (global renamers is not a global group so that it can't distinguish by global_user_groups). --Xiplus#Talk 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:50 (UTC)
Can you please delete this redirect, this one didn't moved during rename, and it's stopping me moving it manually. 1997kB留言) 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:20 (UTC)
User:1997kBI have moved the page.--Xiplus#Talk 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:38 (UTC)
Thanks. 1997kB留言) 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:41 (UTC)
User:1997kBI have a question. Can the global renamer move user js/css when renaming a user. Because you didn't move those pages or trigger filter.--Xiplus#Talk 2018年12月16日 (日) 04:57 (UTC)
Yes all the subpages are moved under a username. (for eg: 1) but it might have missed because those pages existed before rename, that's why reverting rename is mess. 1997kB留言) 2018年12月16日 (日) 05:04 (UTC)

Tech News: 2018-51[编辑]

2018年12月17日 (一) 20:34 (UTC)