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Surviving Jack
类型 Comedy
原作I Suck at Girls
Justin Halpern作品
旁白 Kevin Rahm
国家/地区 United States
语言 English
季数 1
集数 8(每集列表
每集长度 22 minutes
机位 单镜头模式
发行公司 華納兄弟電視公司
首播频道 福斯廣播公司
图像制式 720p (高清电视)
声音制式 杜比数字 5.1
播出日期 3月27日-2014年5月8日 (2014-05-08)

《男人成長錄》(英語:Surviving Jack)是一部在季中的時候在FOX頻道播出的美國影集,這個影集是2013-2014美國電視季的一部分[1]。在2013年5月8日,FOX電視公司訂了這部單鏡攝影喜劇13集[2][3][4]。試播集是由賈斯汀‧哈伯英语Justin Halpern以及派屈克‧舒馬克(Patrick Schumacker)所編寫,而這整齣影集是根據賈斯汀‧哈伯的自傳《我不擅長應付女生》(I Suck at Girls)所改編。在2013年10月25日,FOX因為一些檔期上的限制而將這齣影集的訂單縮減至8集[5]。2014年5月7日,FOX在一季之後便取消了這個節目,所以有一集是未播出的[6]。但是之後還是在紐西蘭的TV2英语TV2 (New Zealand)頻道播出了這一集。




  • 克里斯多夫・馬洛尼 飾演傑克‧唐列維醫生(Dr. Jack Dunlevy) a blunt talking, former military man, now a doctor, who, after many years, is assuming the parent responsibilities now that his wife is going back to law school.
  • 瑞秋‧哈里斯英语Rachael Harris 飾演喬安‧唐列維(Joanne Dunlevy), a loving wife and mom, who is going back to law school. She longs to have her home be the neighborhood "hangout house."
  • Connor Buckley as Frankie Dunlevy, a typical, awkward freshman teenager, who is usually the focus point of all of Jack's parenting mistakes.
  • 克勞蒂亞‧李英语Claudia Lee 飾演瑞秋‧唐列維(Rachel Dunlevy), a super conceded, over confident, super popular senior in high school. She can't stand any of her brother, Frankie's, friends.
  • Kevin Hernandez 飾演喬治(George) Frankie's best friend since 2nd grade. He has a huge crush on Rachel.
  • Tyler Foden 飾演麥基(Mikey), one of Frankie's best friends, who comes from a broken home. This is his second year as a freshman.
  • Mell Bowser 飾演克雷格(Craig)




集數 名稱 導演 編劇 播出日期 製作代碼 美國收視率(萬人)
1《試播集》小維多·奈利英语Victor Nelli, Jr.Justin Halpern英语Justin Halpern & 派屈克·舒馬克(Patrick Schumacker)2014年3月27日 (2014-03-27)JAC-101515[9]
It is a day of firsts for everyone, Frankie's first day of high school, where he finds out Heather Bluemyer knows he exists, Jack's first day of full time parenting, which isn't as cut and dry and simple as he thought. Joanne's first day of law school and she's bogged down with homework. As the week goes on, Jack finds out the sex talk needs to be more than a box of condoms with a post it note, his daughter's letting her boyfriend go to second base, Joanne's second guessing going back to school and Frankie has an embarrassing first kiss moment.
2《讓你汗流浹背》乔·努斯鲍姆吉姆·布蘭登(Jim Brandon)& 布萊恩·辛格頓(Brian Singleton)2014年4月3日 (2014-04-03)JAC-107453[10]
The boys have reluctantly asked Jack to help get them in shape to try out for Varsity baseball. His training regime includes 5 am water hose drills, shotguns and fake heart attacks, but it gets the results they hope for. Joanne, on her quest to achieve the neighborhood hangout house, catches Rachel making out with a boy who's not Doug.
3《怎麼跟天使說話》Ken Whittingham英语Ken Whittingham比爾‧卡拉罕英语Bill Callahan (TV producer)2014年4月10日 (2014-04-10)JAC-103432[11]
The Homecoming Dance is approaching and Frankie is finding it hard to ask Heather to go with him. Jack blows his one good opportunity with the world's weirdest water break. Other chances result in skipping school, possible bodily harm and school suspension. Rachel's punishment for attending a concert is George and Joanne teaches Jack a lesson in tolerance.
4《節奏是舞者》Michael McDonald英语Michael McDonald (comedian)查克‧羅森布拉特(Zack Rosenblatt)2014年4月17日 (2014-04-17)JAC-104429[12]
With Frankie finally having a date to Homecoming, Jack and Joanne think they have the house to themselves for an evening, but a ban on grinding at the dance, may interrupt their plans when Rachel decides she's going to protest. The boys meet George's cousin and wonder where he lost in the family gene pool and Frankie sees and opportunity with Heather and takes a chance at love.
5《有話可說》Roger KumbleEmily Heller2014年4月24日 (2014-04-24)JAC-106389[13]
Frankie won Heather over with his grand gesture at the dance, now comes the hard part, keeping her. Joanne's recovery from surgery isn't going as calmly as he'd liked so it has Jack tossing everyone into the pool. Mikey and George are on a quest to acquire the elusive "Casablanca" video tape in the Dunlevy household.
6《她令我著迷》约翰·帕奇Corinne Marshall英语Corinne Marshall2014年5月1日 (2014-05-01)JAC-108392[14]
Joanne learns Frankie's outgrowing their annual mother/son weekends away. Rachel thinks she's found a loop hole in her college prep requirements with her parents, by joining the wrestling team. Jack is on a mission to break Mikey and George's habit of coming into the house whenever they please without knocking.
7《父母什麼都不懂啦》Michael WeaverSierra Teller Ornelas2014年5月8日 (2014-05-08)JAC-105400[15]
8《年輕就該這樣》[16]James Hayman英语James HaymanJustin Halpern & Justin Schumacker2014年9月24日 (2014-09-24) (紐西蘭)
未上映 (美國)
  1. ^ This viewership number represents the number of New Zealand viewers. The episode didn't air in the United States.


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