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Infobox tropical cyclone season
首场風暴形成 {{{First storm formed}}}
最強風暴1 {{{Strongest storm name}}} –
死亡人數 未知
損失總計 未知

{{{five seasons}}}
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Parameter Type Description Example
{{{Basin}}} 必填 區域的英文簡稱 現時定義有Atl、EPac、WPac、NIO、SHem、SWI、SPac及Aus
{{{Year}}} Optional 年度, if a multiple year span is covered, use the most recent 2005
{{{Track}}} Optional 「氣旋季總結圖」的位置,如有 2005 Atlantic hurricane season map.png
{{{Track alt}}} Needed if {{{Track}}} is given Alt text for the track map, for visually impaired readers; see Wikipedia:Alternative text for images, particularly its Maps section. Tracks of about 28 tropical storms, including 15 hurricanes, cluster in the Carribean and Gulf of Mexico, with some scattered in the Atlantic. Seven hurricanes are major, and most of them make landfall on the U.S. Gulf coast.
{{{First storm formed}}} 必填 Formation date (generally tropical storm-strength) of first storm (年月日) 2005年6月8日
{{{Last storm dissipated}}} 必填 最後一個風暴的消散日期 (年月日) 2006年1月6日
{{{Strongest storm name}}} 必填 The name of the strongest storm(s). Wikilink if appropriate. 颶風威爾瑪
{{{Strongest storm pressure}}} Optional The minimum pressure of the strongest storm in 毫巴/百帕. 必須是數字. 882
{{{Strongest storm winds}}} Optional The maximum windspeed of the strongest storm in 節(每小時海里),會轉換為km/h等. 必須是數字. 160
{{{Average wind speed}}} Optional The length of time used to find the average measurement of the storm's maximum sustained winds. 10
{{{Total disturbances}}} Optional The total number of disturbances in a season 48
{{{Total depressions}}} Optional The total number of depressions in a season 31
{{{Total storms}}} Optional The total number of storms of at least TS strength 28
{{{Total hurricanes}}} Optional The total number of hurricane-strength systems 15
{{{Total intense}}} Optional For all basins, the number of major storms that formed. (Major hurricanes, super typhoons, severe and intense cyclones) 7
{{{Fatalities}}} Optional 季內因風暴直接及間接致死人數。Use a range of values if necessary. 如不填則顯示「未知」 ≥2,280
{{{Damages}}} Optional 季內因風暴引致的損失金額(美元)。填入數字以「百萬」計,如10億則填「1000」。如不填則顯示「未知」。如填,必須是數字 120000
{{{Inflated}}} Optional 把損失金額計入美元通脹,換算至現時的數值。Use this parameter to call the number, and to state how many decimal places you want the figure to. 2
{{{five seasons}}} 必填 Links to the next and previous 2 seasons around this one. In most cases this is just the previous 2 years and the following 2 years, with the current year in the center. For multi-season articles it takes a little more thought. 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
{{{Strongest CPac name}}} Optional For Pacific hurricane seasons only, the name of the strongest CPac storm. Ioke
{{{Strongest CPac pressure}}} Optional As for the strongest storm, for the CPac only
{{{Strongest CPac winds}}} Optional As for the strongest storm, for the CPac only


  • Pressure: If {{{basin}}} is one of Atl or EPac the template will calculate the pressure in inHg from the pressure in mbar and quote to 2dp.
  • Windspeeds: The template takes parameters here in terms of knots and returns mph and km/h (the order depending on the basin). It returns these to the nearest 5.



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