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例如:{{yes}}這個模版可令一個儲存格變成綠色背景,並寫上“是”這個字。格中的文字来自第一个参数;如果改成{{yes|當然}}的話,儲存格內原來預設的“是”就會變成“當然”。Most templates allow authors to override the default text in this way, some require text put after the template call and some also need a vertical bar in between: {{table cell template}} text or {{table cell template}} | text. This information, the colors and default texts are found in the table below.

If you want to use other attributes for the table cells, e.g. colspan or rowspan, they need to be put before the template call and there must be no vertical bar | in between them:

!{{Yes}} ||{{No}} ||rowspan=2 {{n/a}}
|colspan=2 {{Yes-No}}


Table cell templates
類型[1] 模板 效果 Preview, alternative
table-rh {{rh}} | Row header Row header
{{rh2}}[2] | Row header Row header
table-yes {{yes}}, {{yes|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} Alternative text
table-no {{no}}, {{no|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} Alternative text
{{coming soon}} Coming soon
{{bad}}, {{bad|F}} Bad F
table-siteactive {{Site active}} 活跃
table-siteinactive {{Site inactive}} 不活跃
table-yes2 {{yes2}}[3] Text Text
{{won}}, {{won|5}} 獲獎 5
{{won|place=1}} or =Gold 1
{{won|place=2}} or =Silver 2
{{won|place=3}} or =Bronze 3
{{won|text=white|color=blue}} or =#1122CC 獲獎
table-no2 {{no2}}[3] Text Text
{{nom}}, {{nom|5}} 提名 5
{{sho}} 入圍
table-partial {{partial}} 部份
{{yes-No}} 是/否
{{okay}}, {{okay|C}} Neutral C
{{some}} Some
table-any {{any}} Template:Any
table-na {{n/a}} 不適用
table-unknown {{dunno}}
table-depends {{Depends}}, {{Depends|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} 依赖 Alternative text
table-included {{Included}} 入选
table-dropped {{dropped}} 终止
{{terminated}} Template:Terminated
table-beta {{beta}} Beta
{{table-experimental}}, {{table-experimental|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} 實驗性質 Alternative text
table-free {{free}}, {{free|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} 免費 Alternative text
table-nonfree {{nonfree}}, {{nonfree|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} 收費 Alternative text
table-proprietary {{proprietary}}, {{proprietary|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} 专有 Alternate text
table-needs {{needs}}, {{needs|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} Template:Needs Template:Needs
no class {{incorrect}}, {{incorrect|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} 不正確 Alternative text
no class {{no result}}, {{no result|N.R.}} Template:No result Template:No result
no class {{pending}} 待定
table-nightly {{nightly}}, {{nightly|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} 每日构建 Alternative text
table-release-candidate {{release-candidate}}, {{release-candidate|Alternative [[Plain text|text]]}} Template:Release-candidate Template:Release-candidate
no class {{?}}[4] ?
no class {{unofficial}} 非官方
no class {{usually}} Template:Usually
no class {{rarely}} Template:Rarely
no class {{主演}} 主演
no class {{常設}} 常設
no class {{客串}} 客串
no class {{未演出}} Does not appear


Common code to most if not all the templates in this series:

style="background: #abcdef; color: black; vertical-align: middle; text-align: {{{align|center}}}; {{{style|}}}" class="automatic table-automatic"| {{{1|text}}}

Code specific to this template:

To make a new table cell template you can use:

{{subst:Table cell templates| text = default text | bg = background color | class = a class name without prefix | align = standard horizontal alignment}}

You should leave out the align parameter and often the class parameter is unnecessary, too.

Add the new template to the table in the common documentation afterwards. Please consider reusing one of the other templates and please choose the color sensibly.

If you find a table cell template that does not take a parameter and you want to be able to change the text in the cell, do not duplicate the template! Instead, edit the template and change the text to a default parameter substitution. For example, if a template's text is Dropped, change that to {{{1|Dropped}}}.



  1. ^ The HTML class of table cell templates may be referenced in a user stylesheet to change appearance.
  2. ^ Does not take a parameter; the content should be placed after the template call, separated by a pipe (|) character.
  3. ^ 3.0 3.1 Does not take a parameter; the content should be placed after the template call.
  4. ^ Does not take a parameter; not really a table cell template at all, but here for completeness