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How do I know whether my new article is approved or not?[编辑]

Hello, I'm new to Wikipedia. I wrote an article郭世佑 I would like to understand how to submit the article for approval? I don't see a menu option to do that. Also, how long will the review process take? Thank you very much! Also, I don't see the 4 tildes to sign. Am I using the correct editor?

Stoptosmellroses —以上未加入日期時間的留言是于2021年9月30日 (四) 08:14 (UTC)之前加入的。

Stoptosmellroses, as you have published the article, it is not required to "submit for approval" and the article has been patrolled. In other words, the review process has been completed. The article may still be modified significantly in the future but the article is already publicly available. For signing, you should be able to sign by clicking at the top of the edit box (the default one). If you don't see the button, you can just type ~~~~ manually. Sun8908 2021年9月30日 (四) 09:43 (UTC)[回复]