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Standard LILO menu display.
開發者 Werner Almesberger (1992–1998), John Coffman (1999–2007), Joachim Wiedorn (自2010年起)
穩定版本 24.1 / 2014年10月17日(5天前) (2014-10-17)
開發狀態 仍在維護
类型 啟動程式
许可协议 BSD许可证

LILO (LInux LOader)是Linux一个啟動程式,在流行loadlin后成为许多Linux发行版的默认啟動程式。


LILO不依赖于一个特定的文件系统,可以启动一个操作系统(例如,从软盘硬盘启动Linux内核 [内核]镜像)。在启动时有十六种不同的镜像可供选择。各种参数,如根设备参数,可以为每种内核单独设置。LILO可以放在主引导记录(MBR)或一个分区的引导扇区中。在后者的情况下,MBR中必须包含加载LILO的代码。


LILO 文件[编辑]




LILO放置了许多文件在 /boot/ – 具体请见 /boot/: LILO.

Master boot record[编辑]


/sbin/lilo -M






例如: L 01 01 01, L 07 07 07 等..

错误代码 名字 描述
0x00 Internal Error This code is generated by the sector read routine of the LILO boot loader whenever an internal inconsistency is detected. This might be caused by corrupt files. Try re-building the map file. Another possible cause for this error are attempts to access cylinders beyond 1024 while using the LINEAR option.
0x01 Illegal Command This shouldn't happen, but if it does, it may indicate an attempt to access a disk which is not supported by the BIOS. Definitely check to see if the disk is seen by the BIOS first (and that the BIOS detail is complete).
0x02 Address mark not found This usually indicates a media problem. Try again several times.
0x03 Write-protected disk This should only occur on write operations.
0x04 Sector not found This typically indicates a geometry mismatch. If you're booting a raw-written disk image, verify whether it was created for disks with the same geometry as the one you're using. If you're booting from a SCSI disk or a large IDE disk, you should check, whether LILO has obtained correct geometry data from the kernel or whether the geometry definition corresponds to the real disk geometry. Removing COMPACT may help too. So may adding LBA32 or LINEAR.
0x06 Change line active This should be a transient error. Try booting a second time.
0x07 Invalid initialization The BIOS failed to properly initialize the disk controller. You should control the BIOS setup parameters. A warm boot might help too. (Boot a rescue disc and rerun LILO.)
0x08 DMA overrun This shouldn't happen. Try booting again.
0x09 DMA attempt across 64k boundary This shouldn't happen, but may indicate a disk geometry mis-match. Try omitting the COMPACT option. You may need to specify the disk geometry yourself.
0x0C Invalid media This shouldn't happen and might be caused by a media error. Try booting again.
0x10 CRC error A media error has been detected. Try booting several times, running the map installer a second time (to put the map file at some other physical location or to write "good data" over the bad spot), mapping out the bad sectors/tracks and, if all else fails, replacing the media.
0x11 ECC correction successful A read error occurred, but was corrected. LILO does not recognize this condition and aborts the load process anyway. A second load attempt should succeed.
0x20 Controller error This shouldn't happen, then again, none of these errors should happen eh?
0x40 Seek failure This might be a media problem. Try booting again.
0x80 Disk timeout The disk or the drive isn't ready. Either the media is bad or the disk isn't spinning. If you're booting from a floppy, you might not have closed the drive door. Otherwise, trying to boot again might help.
0x99 Invalid Second Stage Mismatch between drive and BIOS geometry, or a bad map file. Some evidence that LINEAR needs to be set on the disk (see LiloNotes)
0x9A Can't Find Second Stage Check to see if you have the correct device for boot, e.g. boot=/dev/hda1 when it should be in the MBR i.e. boot=/dev/Template:Not a typo.
0xBB BIOS error This shouldn't happen. Try booting again. If the problem persists, removing the COMPACT option or adding/removing LINEAR or LBA32 might help.