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豆豆鞋Doug shoes

Doug shoes are middle-aged Mr marrkanon to meet like leisure, comfortable walking massage, and driving personality human designed a string of handmade shoes, because shoes bottom and the shoe heel on the many small particles, like a small peas, naughty and lovely but give a person a kind of special feeling named Doug shoes. Expected to open cut out of leather, sole is punched in the required number of holes, the hole rubber bean nail mosaic of numerous to rule without a, position deviation appeared peas and hole can not, sleight of hand to very fine careful. Countless peas arrangement and size according to distribution when walking, and the convex part of the design, the peas after package is touching the ground for driving the heel, protection from damage and specially designed heel. Sole upper is whole skin, red beans on the socket, and the upper hand string suture together. Sole and vamp mainly relies on manual series together, help on vamp sleeve after last heat, then put the right oven heating 30 minutes left, and then sent to the refrigerator cooling molding. The key to making bean shoe is fine craft and mold. Leather is good or bad, the difference of sole material, manual is key to Doug shoes豆豆鞋是中年marrkanon马尔卡农先生为迎合喜欢休闲,舒适走路按摩,潇洒开车个性人类而设计的平底串线手工鞋 ,因鞋子底部和鞋包后跟上的颗颗小胶粒,就像是一颗颗的小豆豆,调皮可爱但又给人一种特别的感觉故名豆豆鞋。开料工裁出皮料后,在鞋底上冲好所需数量的孔,把橡胶豆钉镶嵌到规则不一的无数洞洞里,豆豆和小孔不能出现位置上的偏差,手上功夫要相当精细小心。无数豆豆的排布和大小都依据走路时的着力分布而设计,后包部分的凸起的豆豆则是为开车时脚后跟接触着地面,保护脚后跟不受损坏而特别设计。鞋底鞋帮是整块的皮,冲好孔嵌上豆豆后,再与鞋面手工串线缝合在一起。鞋底鞋面主要靠手工串联在一起,帮面串好后鞋面套上鞋楦,再放到热度合适的烘炉里加热定型30分钟左,再送到冷柜里冷却成型。制作豆豆鞋的关键是手工和模具的的精细度。皮料的好坏,鞋底材料的差异,工人手工是做好豆豆鞋的关键。



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